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User Shield – Azure Security Center

We have entered the era of relentless and targeted cyber-attacks. The question is not “if” your company has been breached, or even “when”, maybe it has already happened. The real questions are: is your organization aware of it and are you capable of detecting and responding to cyber threats? As you take advantage of the cloud, how can you do so securely and in a cost-effective manner?

User Shield

User Shield is a unique offering from Long View that leverages Microsoft’s Azure Sentinel technology combined with Long View’s 24x7x365 Security Operations Center (SOC) to secure the Microsoft cloud ecosystem of Office365, Azure, and Windows Defender ATP. Our unique configuration and automated playbooks provide sophisticated detection of threats and blocks content or quarantines malicious users and compromised endpoints before they cause harm. What better technology to protect your Microsoft cloud initiatives then a security solution from Microsoft; customized and monitored by Long View so you can focus on propelling your business to new levels while we protect it.

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Sentinel from Microsoft

A Cloud-based next-generation SIEM technology

Designed with Artificial Intelligence (AI) and security analytics for your entire Microsoft enterprise. Quickly deploy Sentinel while avoiding costly infrastructure setup and maintenance, yet limitless scale to meet your security needs and your business growth. Azure Sentinel is at the heart of Long View’s User Shield service offering.

User Shield from Long View

Expert Sentinel configuration and monitoring

As Microsoft’s Canadian partner of the year, Our SOC experts professionally setup Sentinel into your Azure workspace including deployment of our proven expert rulesets and automated playbooks that automatically respond to threats and other suspicious activities including workstation or user quarantine in real-time. Your company’s system administrators is notified while our 24x7x365 SOC triages to provide you the best course of action for remediation. You’re never surprised or off-guard.

How this works…

Long View security experts uniquely configure a client-specific instance of Sentinel in your Azure workspace. Using a proven and well-tested ruleset and playbook automation specific to Long View’s User Shield service, this client-specific instance of Sentinel processes telemetry originating from the following Microsoft ATPs to Detect the latest threats. Some threats trigger automatic playbooks developed by Long View to quarantine workstations (end-points) or suspend user-access during malicious behavior. Other threats require triage by Long View’s skilled SOC team. This is done with a second instance of Sentinel located in Long View’s SOC, also linked and synchronized to the client’s workspace to Investigate and Respond as required.

  • Office 365 ATP: Provides zero-day protection to safeguard your messaging system by checking email attachments for malicious content and verification of embedded URLs and hyperlinks. Protects your organization when sharing files or collaborating using Microsoft Teams, Sharepoint, and OneDrive.
  • Windows Defender ATP: Leveraging the combination of Windows 10 Enterprise and Microsoft’s robust cloud advanced threat protection provides next generation of Endpoint behavior sensors combined with Threat intelligence from Microsoft and its partner community to provide new and innovative approach to securing workstations and devices.
  • Azure ATP: Combines a cloud-based security solution leveraging your on-premises Active Directory to monitor user logins, protect identities, and credentials.

Long View is a complete IT solution provider operating in Canada and the United States for over 20 years, providing clients innovative and cost-effective solutions in Managed Cloud and Infrastructure deployments, Collaboration and Applications, Contact centers and End-User experiences, Procurement and Licensing, and our Digital Defence Cyber Security.

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