Internet of Things

IoT represents an enormous opportunity across all industries.  Here at Long View we’ve organized ourselves in a way that can help your business take advantage of this “every device will be connected” world.  The impact of having potentially billions of devices connected together is hard to grasp both in terms of what that means for your business, but also just how to take advantage of this new paradigm.

We’d like to introduce you to two initiatives that we’ve launched:

The first is IoT Enabler  our consultancy practice that’s aimed directly at organizations wanting expert support in IoT business planning and execution:

We’re setup to support you at any of these stages:

1.     Envisioning what’s possible.

2.     Business Case planning

3.     Proof of Concept Planning

4.     Custom IoT integrations

We offer workshops and custom consulting engagements related to getting your IoT solution off the ground and reducing your time to value.

The second is IoT Virtual Insights a predictive maintenance solution that can be customized to a specific industry vertical.  Virtual Insights is a middleware platform designed to collect, analyze and store streaming sensor data (such as those found in industrial manufacturing plants)

This solution is ideal for multiple applications across a variety of industry verticals.  Imagine a manufacturing business that can measure efficiency at any point or in any piece of the production process in real-time.  Our middleware IoT solution can be used in everything from oil refinery efficiency to detecting the exact point of failure in a power grid.

Ultimately it can be difficult to make sense of the opportunity IoT represents; we have consultants on staff that can help.