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A fast casual restaurant chain has earned its national growth and success by maintaining the highest of standards of integrity for their food – the animals raised for it, the earth that brought it forth, and the people that create it. Sustainability is the focus in all that they do, including the service they provide. So when the connectivity lights went out, they knew they had a problem.


A device outage caused a cascading failure of store connectivity. Thus, the fast casual restaurant chain needed to update their network connectivity and equipment across 800 stores, providing remote internet connections from each store to headquarters. Security upgrades were a primary concern and the implementation of mobile training devices made the need for a reliable network connection essential. With rapid expansion and growth, and as shown by the outage, their original VPN connectivity solution no longer made the grade.

Pillar to Pillar – A Match of Integrity
The fast casual restaurant chain needed help. Someone to research, qualify and test a solution. The new solution had to provide secure remote connectivity from their store locations to their data center through multiple redundant data paths, as well as provide 3G backup for stores in case of a network outage. The fast casual restaurant chain wanted a quick, but sound, solution.

A Long View resource, providing long term staff augmentation around network architecture, began to do just that.

With assistance of Cisco’s Solutions Engineer, Long View researched various options and developed the final solution to solve the connectivity issues. The Long View project team and staff developed a deployment strategy. Plan in place, Long View set to work with an execution model built for flexibility.

Different members of the Long View team were sent out to locations each week to install the new systems at night. The saying goes “the biggest risk in any project is people” and since execution without issue was an expectation, the projects team made sure every member on the project was fully trained, with rotating technical leads so there was no personnel down time and each team member could troubleshoot any issue that may arise.

Long View executed this project by installing networking systems and updating configuration for various store systems utilizing Cisco routers, POS systems and personalized hardware. Outside of basic networking skills during the deployment, Long View designed a solution and deployment method that minimized the need for specialized skill sets, as well as implemented a new process for a monthly systems check through Long View’s Service Desk to ensure continued quality performance.

The Payoff
Since Long View has the logistical capabilities and methodology to roll out the systems internally, and goes the extra mile to ensure the customer’s needs are met, Long View celebrated a 98% success rate on this project, completing 800 stores one week early and under budget. There was not a single complaint from the client throughout the entire process.

The fast casual restaurant chain now has an efficient system that will remain updated. The new system provides increased availability and improved operational efficiency. The benefits were realized immediately, even as the project was in deployment, as completed stores seamlessly transitioned to a back-up communication method; often occurring without the store personnel even realizing it.

Long View provided an excellent team, efficient installation, personalized products and pricing.

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