Microsoft Gold Partner and Licensing Solution Provider (LSP)

Long View is an agile, innovative leader in the IT marketplace. Recognizing the important connection between products and services, we ensure our clients don’t end up with “shelf-ware.” As a Microsoft Gold Partner, we have more than 130 Microsoft Certified professionals on staff who give our clients the benefits of the latest technology while minimizing their risk.

As a leading Licensing Solutions Partner (LSP) in Canada, our goal is to ensure your Microsoft investment meets or exceeds your business objectives and delivers the returns you expect. As a Large Account Reseller (LAR) for Microsoft, we make sure we fully understand your Microsoft licensing business requirements before we recommend the solution that best meets your needs.

To help you take your business to new levels of performance and efficiency, our expert team builds hybrid IT solutions around Microsoft Office 365, Azure and your existing IT to boost your competitive agility. Through our Microsoft partnership, Long View offers solutions with everything from licensing and project management to service and support. We use our own Governance framework – Long View 360 – to help companies save money on new software and optimize the potential of existing software.

Is Your Business Getting the Most From Its Microsoft Investment?

As one of Microsoft Canada’s largest licensing and systems integration partners, Long View will ensure your Microsoft investment provides maximum returns. What sets us apart is our view of the technology decision process as a lifecycle that includes education, assessment, planning, acquisition, deployment and support activities. We start with Long View 360 – our comprehensive engagement model and governance framework designed to optimize your software portfolio across your organization. This unique approach gives you access to business analysts, solutions architects, product specialists, project managers and many more resources to help in the decision process.

Long View 360

  • Provides clear direction on aligning technology with your business priorities
  • Identifies what’s current and what’s trending in your industry
  • Provides current education and guidance on software solutions
  • Builds joint roadmaps and clear deployment plans to help you identify dependencies and process flow
  • Provides consistent and timely feedback and status reports for stakeholders
  • Maximizes current and future investments from your software providers
  • Provides top industry expert guidance and support through contract negotiations

Are You Taking Advantage of Microsoft Programs?

Within Long View 360, we offer the Customer Immersion Experience (CIE) and Fast Track engagements for Office 365 solutions. CIE is a hands-on introduction to Windows 8 and the new Microsoft Office. In a facilitated environment, we show you how to make the most of the technology for your business needs. Microsoft Lync, Office 365, Project, Visio, Windows devices and SharePoint are just some of the solutions we provide.
As a Microsoft Cloud Partner, we recognize that cloud technology can initially be a little daunting. Our three-day Fast Track engagement uses Microsoft’s recommended three-step deployment methodology for Office 365 to provide value early on and a smooth path to advance from pilot to deployment.
Microsoft offers a range of programs and specialized seed funds to assist in making the best licensing decisions for your business. Are you taking advantage of the following Long View and Microsoft licensing programs and services for your business?

  • Microsoft licensing assessment
  • Access to certified industry licensing and services experts
  • Compliance and governance
  • Software Assurance (SAM) benefits
  • “Single pane of glass” client portal
  • Full understanding of product use rights
  • Upgrading and conversion rules
  • Proof of Concept funds
  • Planning Service Days (PSD)
  • Software Assurance Training Vouchers (SATV)
  • E-learning
  • Home User Program (HUP)

Why Choose Long View As Your Microsoft Partner?

Clients rely on Microsoft Gold Certified Partners like Long View to help them adopt, deploy and maximize the value of their Microsoft technology investments. Services Ready is a powerful engine that helps us better meet customer requirements in a swiftly evolving IT space. Leveraging our significant investment in the Services Ready program, we work closely with you through a four-step process to identify opportunities for improving your business using Microsoft technologies and driving real value by aligning internal and external teams on their adoption:

  1. Customer Immersion Experience
  2. Deployment Planning Services
  3. IO Assessments and Road Mapping
  4. Health Checks and Customized Services.

We offer technologies such as:

  • Microsoft Office 365, to get your business up and running much more quickly than with traditional deployments
  • Microsoft Lync, with integrated voice and video capabilities that take communication and collaboration to new levels
  • Exchange 2013, a versatile email program with everything from basic messaging to storage and archiving
  • Surface, with many opportunities to take advantage of a new enterprise client with a new form factor
  • Management and Virtualization, Microsoft technologies transform the traditional data center and integrate cloud

Microsoft Partner Integration Expertise

With the advent of new form factors, cloud capabilities, and innovations in the consumer space, new opportunities to create value in business are on the rise. At Long View, we’re focusing on delivering our capabilities in a more integrated way. In contrast to traditional software acquisition, we offer Solution as a Service, which includes everything from technology and the project services required to enable it to operational support along with a refresh cycle – offerings invaluable to clients who struggle to build and sustain IT capabilities. Long View is also working to integrate Skype with Microsoft Lync and deliver it on new devices so you enjoy better connectivity for your enterprises and supply chains. To meet the ever-growing demand from enterprises, we are also building applications capabilities around both management services and custom development to provide a more integrated set of services to better manage not only IT infrastructure but also the evolution of applications portfolios.

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  • Licensing Solution Provider (LSP) 2013
  • Large Account Reseller (LAR)
  • First partner added in North America in the past 10 years
  • Enterprise Software Advisor (ESA)
  • North American Certified Gold Partner
  • Voice Partner
  • Microsoft Cloud Partner

With IT products and solutions, challenges arise from time to time. Long View’s partnership with Microsoft means together we have the best troubleshooters in the industry to quickly and easily resolve any challenge. For example:

  • What to do when Microsoft brings “end of life support” to Windows XP
  • Taking advantage of newer technologies like Microsoft Lync (Do you have the time and ability to integrate software and devices to ensure quality voice experiences?)
  • Integrating personal devices into corporate environments
  • Managing devices with the advent of new form factors
  • Integrating your corporate environment with new public clouds.


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