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HP Enterprise (HPE) and Long View enjoy a partnership that extends to every aspect of our mutual customers’ businesses. Together Long View and HP partner up to offer complete leadership solutions in Converged Infrastructure, Cloud, Virtual Desktop and traditional IT deployments.

Full Solution Spectrum
Long View Solution Architects are able to integrate the full spectrum of HP enterprise solutions using our deep set of design, implementation and delivery resources. HPE and Long View have delivered effective solutions for customers across Canada and the United States in sectors as diverse as manufacturing, municipal and provincial government, health care, energy distribution and the airline industry.

HP Cloud Centre of Excellence
Long View Systems has an HP Cloud Centre of Excellence. This means we have an on-site HP CloudSystem Matrix configuration available for training, testing and demonstrations for our customers. The CloudSystem Matrix provides a single vendor stack for storage, networking and servers, bringing efficiencies such as factory integration, system integration, technology alignment and fast upgrades while also being open standards based.

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  • Enterprise Group: Platinum Partner Converged Infrastructure
  • Printing and Personal Systems: Platinum Partner
  • ServiceOne: Gold ServiceOne Enterprise Specialist
  • ServiceOne: Gold ServiceOne Printing and Computing Specialist

In addition to holding the highest HP certification levels, Long View is a Global HP services provider, authorized under ASL, PSL services contract.

  • HP VTN Partner of the Year for Canada
  • HP North America Preferred Enterprise Partner
  • Member of HP Executive Advisory Council

Gain insights into why data collection is increasingly important, why data residency matters, the role of storage, and how a hybrid IT solution can help organizations collect better data, more effectively and also the key steps necessary to advance information management.

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