Major utility provider transforms with hybrid cloud


A Long View-led solution, based on a hybrid cloud environment, enables business agility and responsiveness to
market shifts.


350+ in-house applications

3 seamless environments

  • Microsoft Azure
  • Office 365
  • Long View Managed Services
  • Shaw Business Network &
  • Enterprise Colocation

Dialing in on Long View’s tailored solution and strategic alliance

While technology had become a vital component of innovation at ENMAX, leadership at the Calgary-based utility recognized that “traditional IT” services were no longer a distinguishing factor for the company—and that ENMAX needed a refresh to enable business agility and responsiveness to market shifts.

Given the ever-growing maturity of third-party services, and the new cloud technologies available, ENMAX decided to explore the possibilities of a hybrid model in cloud computing.

The market for cloud services is quickly shifting from isolated infrastructure-based solutions for developing applications and content delivery, to platforms that integrate onsite, public, and private infrastructure as a service (IaaS).

SOURCE: Mark Schrutt, IDC Canada’s Research Vice President, Services and Enterprise applications.

Guiding the ENMAX transformation

Long View, one of North America’s most powerful providers of Hybrid IT solutions and services, believes that every customer’s needs are unique—and we leverage our hard-won experience and our time-tested partnerships with industry leaders to provide a tailored solution that’s right for you.

In this case, Long View led a strategic alliance that guided ENMAX’s transformation to a hybrid cloud environment. The Long View-directed solution focused on taking ENMAX’s 350-plus in-house applications, and establishing them in one of three environments:

Long View’s solution also included management and operation of all three environments through Long View Managed Services, to reduce administration, management and commoditized operations work.

Microsoft, Shaw Business vital to success

Through a long-standing partnership with Long View, Microsoft brought both its global scale and local delivery capacity to the table for ENMAX—deploying Microsoft Azure and Office 365 software, and local cloud solution architects who collaborated with us on the project. Shaw Business provided another essential element of the solution—delivering the reliable fiber optic network, and the state-of-the-art enterprise colocation, involved in optimizing ENMAX’s data center.

Scalability, agility and innovation

Drawing on the expertise of our assembled experts, whose industry knowledge spans the full spectrum of technologies, platforms and consumption models, the Long View-led solution also provided the following business results and benefits for ENMAX:

  • An end-to-end solution that accelerated buying cycle, integration and time to implementation;
  • Cost reduction, through public cloud licensing incentives offered by Microsoft;
  • A true hybrid cloud, offering management of resources through a single pane of glass;
  • Scalability and agility;
  • Built-in innovation, with continual updates to Azure Pack and Azure Stack;
  • Transparent pricing; and
  • True IT transformation that takes ENMAX to the forefront of Hybrid IT, with innovative thinking and best practices, while also freeing up ENMAX employees from distracting IT operational functions.

A pay-as-you-go scenario

ENMAX’s hybrid cloud solution built by Long View, Microsoft and Shaw Business provides agility, scalability, flexibility and cost transparency, while also maintaining stability and security. This hybrid cloud model allows ENMAX’s workforce to consume IT as needed, in a pay-as-you-go scenario, with workloads continually managed, maintained and migrated as required—at the right place, time and cost. With the experience and the expertise that Long View, Microsoft and Shaw Business have brought to the table, the net result for ENMAX is leading-edge technology solutions and a world-class delivery system to accelerate change.

Considering your needs, delivering your solution

Providing the right solution requires agility, collaboration, experience and expertise. Long View’s Hybrid IT model is based on six pillars—Infrastructure, Application, Procurement / Licensing, Cloud/Managed IT, Business Technology Management, and End User Experience—that provide the technology foundation your company needs. But don’t take our word for it.

We’re authorized by more than 200 of the most innovative and creative technology partners in the industry. And our partner certifications, awards and recognition speak for themselves. They include:

  • Cisco Gold Certified Partner (U.S. and Canada);
  • Microsoft Excellence in Operations Award (2015);
  • Cisco Gold Certification with Hybrid IT; VMware Premier Solution Partner (Canada) and Enterprise Solution Partner (U.S.);
  • NetApp Canadian Partner of the Year (2014);
  • HP Enterprise Platinum Partner;
  • EMC Silver Solution Provider;
  • VCE Gold Partner (U.S. and Canada).

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About this Customer

ENMAX Corporation (ENMAX) is a utility company headquartered in Calgary, Alberta. ENMAX, through its subsidiaries and predecessors, have a history of delivering electricity to Calgarians for over 100 years and, with deregulation, now provides retail services to Albertans throughout the province.


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