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Long View Storage & Data Management Services

At Long View, we strive to ensure that your storage strategy is aligned to meet the needs of all stakeholders. From storage area network (SAN) infrastructure implementations to complex Data Protection and Management requirements, we have an extensive suite of services to meet any organization’s needs.

Backup and Recovery Solutions

Long View provides complete backup and recovery solutions tailored to any business demands including traditional tape-based solutions, Continuous Data Protection architectures and disk-based backup/recovery facilities. By applying best practices along with our own proven methodology, we deliver comprehensive and reliable backup and recovery solutions.

Data Management Assessments

As data stores grow, maintaining alignment between infrastructure investment and data management becomes increasingly difficult. Long View’s comprehensive Data Management Assessment service enables you to categorize data based on a value equation to your business, forming the basis of a comprehensive ILM strategy. In addition, our assessment methodologies and tools allow the implementation of an automated ILM environment that can take advantage of Tier 1, 2 and 3 storage platforms.

Storage Solutions

Long View offers a variety of storage solutions to address expanding storage requirements that come with exponential data growth. Our team can design an effective storage solution to support your business’s current and future needs and manage the complexities of Information Lifecycle Management and overall systems and application performance.

Full Circle Storage & Data Management Services

Our experienced, highly qualified storage professionals will consult and guide your organization – from designing and planning the optimal storage solution for your business to building out the storage infrastructure that meets its requirements.

Data availability

To mitigate loss of data or access to it, Long View will implement a high availability storage strategy as part of a larger business continuity plan, preventing network disruption by disasters or unforeseen events.


Increasingly, North American businesses and government organizations are facing the pressures and complexities of information management regulations that affect how files are stored, who has access to them and when they should be purged (through legislation such as PIPEDA, Bill 198, Sarbanes-Oxley and HIPPA, for example). Long View offers a storage solution that ensures regulatory compliance and minimizes the financial and non-financial consequences of data misuse.

Information Lifecycle Management (ILM)

Data management has become increasingly important in the wake of legislation that regulates how organizations must handle certain types of data. Long View will implement a comprehensive ILM strategy to manage the flow of an information system’s data from when it’s created and initially stored to when it becomes obsolete or irrelevant and is deleted.

Storage Area Network (SAN)

Through storage consolidation and resource sharing, a SAN provides storage pools that meet various performance requirements.

Network Attached Storage (NAS)

A NAS uses standard network protocols and transports to share storage among a number of consumers (such as servers, applications and end users).

Data Protection

Hardware, software and processes dedicated to storage and recovery of data from a specific point in time facilitate recovery in the event of disaster, corruption or accidental loss

Data Classification

Recent initiatives such as regulatory compliance and legal discovery are now integrated with previous data management products (such as hierarchical storage management and archiving) to create a portfolio of solutions that help organizations understand and manage information that enables operations.


Through end-to end data gathering, filtering (deduplication) and mining for infrastructure bottlenecks anywhere between the end user and the stored data, optimization provides the detailed performance metrics organizations need to ensure system configurations and capacity meet required service levels.


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