Storage & Data Management

The leap from data measured in megabytes to gigabytes to petabytes has spawned big challenges. Any compromise to data integrity, availability or security can have serious ramifications on productivity, stakeholder confidence and regulatory compliance – all of which impact your bottom line.

To rise above these challenges, your business needs more than a simple storage solution. You need a multi-tiered strategy that can prioritize data and efficiently archive, access and retrieve data using Network Attached Storage (NAS) and Storage Area Network (SAN) technologies. You also need a reliable backup system in place to handle disasters.

An Intelligent Approach to Delivering Peace of Mind

We begin with an envisioning workshop to uncover your organization’s business, technical and functional requirements. This allows us to assess and identify your data protection and management requirements. We then build a custom plan using industry-accepted techniques such as vaulting, tiering and data duplication. Our experts implement your plan and test the backup systems to ensure all your data can be recovered.

Long View Storage & Data Management Services

From storage area network (SAN) implementations to complex data protection and management requirements, we have a full suite of services to meet any organization’s needs:

  • Data management assessments
  • Storage solutions in response to exponential data growth
  • Backup and recovery solutions

Our experienced, highly qualified storage professionals will consult and guide your organization – from designing and planning the optimal storage solution for your business to building out the storage infrastructure that meets its requirements. Long View will assist you with:

  • Data availability
  • Compliance
  • Information Lifecycle Management (ILM)
  • Storage Area Network (SAN)
  • Network Attached Storage (NAS)
  • Data protection
  • Data classification
  • Optimization
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It’s like insurance: you never want to use it, but you sleep better at night knowing you have a plan in place.

Store It, Protect It, Manage It

Recognizing that data protection and management are imperative to your business’s success, we apply our knowledge of current best practices and emerging technologies to align these with your specific business requirements.

Our Storage & Data Management practice provides essential services and solutions for data lifecycle management including storage infrastructure, disaster recovery and data protection. When you work with Long View, you’ll be matched with the right technology so you can lower the cost of your infrastructure, confidently protect your data and reduce backup times.

The Benefits of Long View’s Storage & Data Management Services
  • Ideal for organizations that manage large amounts of data, have data-intensive applications and depend on a zero-downtime environment
  • Improved resource utilization
  • Reduced administration and support costs
  • Automated technologies and optimized processes
  • Centralized and scaled down data housing infrastructure
  • Improved efficiency using deduplication to reduce troubleshooting and maintenance costs, increase power and storage efficiency, and reduce energy costs
  • Increased protection of hardware to facilitate recovery in the event of disaster, corruption or accidental loss

Why Partner with Long View?

Our data protection and management experts draw from a wealth of experience and product knowledge to meet our clients’ data management needs. Our team comprises individuals who bring consulting and operational experience from SMBs to enterprise-level environments. We help design, implement and modify solutions for data backup, archival, storage, replication and disaster recovery purposes. We bring a mature understanding of risk and impact analysis – a key enabler in providing reliable and effective solution design and delivery.

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