License & Contract Management

The ever-expanding options for software applications and their compatibility requirements make managing them a daunting task. It can mean long processes that don’t deliver the expected cost savings or cause software asset records to rapidly become outdated. Software asset management (SAM) allows you to gain control of your software assets and successfully manage, control and protect your software throughout its lifecycle. But on its own, SAM does not maximize software cost savings, and one-time scans do not result in up-to-date software use records.

Through our SYNC Services, Long View melds industry-recognized software asset management best practices with vendor management techniques to create cost-optimized environments for organizations across North America.

Long View License & Contract Management Services

Long View SYNC goes beyond Software Asset Management to deliver maximum flexibility and cost savings to your vendor licensing and support contracts.

  • SYNC Renewals Report maximizes flexibility by ensuring you know all your options
  • SYNC Market Comparative Price Analysis helps you optimize costs by adding, reducing, moving or obtaining credits
  • SYNC Web Portal delivers the ultimate in customer service by keeping all of your contracts and licenses in a single, secure, easy-to-access location

See how Long View makes license and contract management easy

SYNC Renewals Report
  • Software Discovery – Client Side
  • Software Discover – Vendor Side
  • Vendor Negotiation Tactics & Timeline Workshops
  • Vendor Interdependencies Assessment
  • Standing Special Neg. Discounts
  • Non-standard Software Road-mapping including Open Source
  • Audit Defense
  • Mid-term Contract Amendments
  • Non-standard Terms & Conditions Assistance
    • Early Termination
    • Accidental Deployment
    • Trade-in
    • Cancellation
    • SLA Assurance
    • Co-term Policy
    • Global Terms
SYNC Market Comparative Price Analysis
  • Long View 360 Full T-36 Tracking & Governance for your Microsoft EA
  • Software Asset Management (SAM) Engagements & Best Practices
  • Contract Tracking (Add, Move, Change, Cancel)
  • Contract Amendment, Transition, Transfer and/or Termination Assistance
  • Vendor Funding Applications
  • Effective License Ownership Position
  • Contract Co-Term & Optimization
  • Budgeting & Forecast
SYNC Web Portal
  • Licensing Customer Service Help Desk
  • Vendor Technical Access Set-up
  • Vendor Technical Support Assistance Escalation & Call Routing
  • Specialized Licensing & Contracts Reporting
  • True T-36 Microsoft Engagement Process
  • Software Assurance Benefits Set-up Workshop
  • Training for Licensing Analysis & Software Asset Management

How It Works…and Why It Matters

We’ll help you implement ITIL software asset management and vendor management best practices to optimize efficiencies within your licensing and support contracts, maximize cost savings and create a dynamic SAM environment. Here’s how:

  1. We gather all of your software licensing and support contracts from various data sources (including internal records and network scans) as well as vendor records of all the licenses and support you own
  2. We reconcile these sources into our SYNC Web Portal to establish a solid license ownership position and correct records with vendors as we discover discrepancies
  3. To ensure your records are up to date, we provide continuous support for managing your software licenses through our SYNC Web Portal
  4. We also assist in negotiating and renewing your vendor contracts
  5. To create flexibility, predictability and additional cost savings, we can help you utilize nonstandard terms and conditions that may suit your business better than boilerplate vendor terms and conditions

"The SYNC Web Portal is your secure, single-source service for all licensing and support contracts. Access all your license keys, technical support, knowledge, licenses, certificates and data on one website customized to meet your unique needs."

Long View SYNC Services, Step by Step

Step 1: Software Asset Management Program Kickoff

Step 2: Software Asset Management Scan & Client Records

Step 3: Vendor Software License & Records Pull

Step 4: Data Analysis & Organization

Step 5: Mid-process Meeting

Step 6: Reporting

Step 7: Ongoing Software Asset Management Plan

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