Procurement / Licensing

Procurement / Licensing

In this era of ever-increasing digitalization, selecting the technology that meets your business needs is an increasingly complex challenge. Your choices include traditional IT technology delivery, private and/or public cloud delivery or a combination of these – a delivery model known as Hybrid IT. Long View has the skill and expertise to help you select the appropriate IT delivery model to meet solution requirements, develop a licensing model that meets your business needs, put appropriate support agreements in place and keep your records up to date.

We’re not Just Procurement Experts, We’re Also Architects, Implementers and Operators

We devote about a third of our business to IT procurement and the rest to helping our clients implement and operate their IT solutions. Our role includes alerting you to the benefits and pitfalls that may not be apparent when a product is still in the box and customizing a product to fit your needs. We understand compatibility issues, product lifecycles and the different technology options available, so we can find the right solution for your needs.

Cost-optimized Licensing

Through Long View’s SYNC Web Portal – your secure single-source service for all licensing and support contracts – we meld industry-recognized software asset management (SAM) best practices with vendor management techniques to create a truly cost-optimized environment for your organization. We gather and reconcile all your software licensing and support contracts and vendor records so your licensing data is always current and continually maintained.

Cost Savings from 5 to 15% for Your Business

Long View’s technology procurement process is fully transparent, so you can be sure you’re getting the best value for money. We have a fixed margin and we stick to it.


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