IT Outsourcing

IT Outsourcing Services

In tomorrow’s economy, companies will no longer have all the skills required to thrive. Successful businesses will evolve through partnerships that eliminate barriers and allow them to divert greater focus on their core competencies. Long View supports innovative companies looking to offload their IT through the provision of infrastructure outsourcing, application support outsourcing and staff augmentation services.
We combine global experience and capability with local presence. This approach to outsourcing IT services allows you to focus on what’s essential to your business through a partnership that allows us to focus on what’s essential to ours. We assume responsibility for your operation’s delivery, drawing on IT governance and best practices to deliver reliable services steeped in operational excellence.

How We Deliver IT Outsourcing

Geographic Presence

  • Local resources
  • Access to offsite facilities and resources
  • Ability to audit and review outsource facilities
  • Two-way communication and collaboration
  • Resources familiar with, and committed to, customers and their environments

Cultural Alignment

  • Collaborative contract management
  • Business comprehension
  • Cultural understanding
  • Vertical expertise

Contract Management

  • Manageable contracts
  • Flexible models bespoke to clients needs

Service Delivery

  • Agile delivery
  • SLA driven
  • Accountable
  • “Just enough process”


  • Recruitment practices established to align resources with client’s culture
  • Local or regional resources
  • Client knowledge of resources
  • Known, quality resources
  • Employees over contractors

Pricing/Service Models

  • Elevated service levels at a predictable, competitive prices
  • Pricing models aligned with client needs
  • Attention to customer needs over standardized, inflexible contracts


  • Technology agnostic
  • Strong partnerships with the manufacture community to enable turn-key delivery
  • Comprehension of technology market trends within the areas, regions and industries of our customers

Who we work with

Authorized by 200+ of the world’s leading technology partners.
Long View holds technology certifications at the highest status level – here’s our top 7.


Life’s too short to just have a job. You may not recognize the phrase “where as many great people as possible can have healthy lives and prosperous careers” — but it comes straight out of Long View’s mission statement, and that should tell you a little about what’s truly important to us.

Work with us in:

  • Infrastructure
  • End User Experience
  • Applications
  • Cloud / Managed IT
  • Procurement / Licensing
  • Compliance
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Support