Video Conferencing

Video Conferencing

With video conferencing growing ever more popular in the consumer market, partly due to the ease of use, organizations are seeing a renewed demand to provide high quality and availability video solutions in the business market. Reduced travel costs are only a small portion of the value that customers are seeing from the greater focus on video calls. As our world expands, face-to-face connections with employees, customers and partners provide businesses with personal connections that can speed decision making and improve business agility.

Expertise You Can Trust

Providing fully integrated video solutions for any sized meeting or boardroom, along with personal and mobile solutions for individual workspaces and road warriors.

  • Cisco Collaboration Partner of the Year 2010/2014
  • Cisco Master UC Certified
  • Cisco Advanced Collaboration Certification
  • Cisco Master TelePresence Certified
  • Cisco Customer Satisfaction Excellence award 2006-2014

Flexible Technology Options

From an initial consultation to determine the shape and size of your video conferencing system to the installation, training and ongoing maintenance, Long View works with you to determine the best solution based on your user needs and existing infrastructure.

Cloud-Based Video Conferencing

Through our partnership with Telemerge, Long View can offer Telepresence-as-a-Service (TPaaS) video services through a cloud based subscription model. TPaaS lightens the cost and complexity associated with traditional video conferencing systems by hosting the functionality in the Telemerge Cloud.

On-Premise Video Conferencing

Long View’s history with the full collaboration suite allows us to provide a fully integrated video infrastructure with existing legacy voice, video and network components, all while ensuring the highest quality and security.

Hybrid Video Conferencing

For customers that may already have some components of video infrastructure, such as Cisco Unified communications Manager, Long View can integrate cloud solutions from Telemerge to provide a low cost operational solution with the full feature capability of a large enterprise environment.

The Four Pillars of Video Conferencing

To enable success for your video conferencing solution you must first establish the right foundation.

Explore the Four Pillars of Videoconferencing in this eBook to help ensure adoption and success:

  • Support
  • Equipment
  • Reach
  • Network

Read the eBook now.
Find out more about ensuring adoption and success.

Integrated Solutions for Simplicity

Long View brings collaboration, unified communications, mobility and video conferencing together into a single integrated video solution. Make video conferencing simple through a high quality easy-to-use platform that is as uncomplicated to use as dialing a number.

Benefits of Video Conferencing

  • Reduce travel costs
  • Increase productivity among your customers and teams
  • Improve communication and relationships

Networking Assessments

Video conferencing is sensitive to network performance so it’s critical to analyze the impact and demands that video can have on your network.

Don’t forget to consider:

  • Network architecture
  • Application usage and priority
  • Security demands

Work with us for a free detailed analysis of your network availability and requirements to ensure the success of your upcoming video project.

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