Collaboration Continued

The Benefits of Long View’s Unified Communications

In today’s competitive market, companies must find ways to innovate quicker than their competitors. When you get the right people together at the right moment, innovation can flourish!

Long View is an industry leader in the rapidly evolving unified communications environment with solutions that include video conferencing, TelePresence and mobile integration.

Give your business a boost

  • Provide easy access to the right people at the right time for improved service, higher customer satisfaction and quicker decision making
  • Improve productivity, business growth and innovation through seamless cooperative work efforts
  • Improve employee connection through TelePresence and video conferencing solutions from boardroom to desktop to mobile

Enable mobile workers and BYOD

  • Connect your mobile workforce to the office and to any content using any device, any time
  • Reduce travel-related stress for employees and increase control over network availability
  • Improve job satisfaction by providing more flexible work options
  • Save money by allowing employees to use and manage their own devices

Locate and access remote experts

  • Create a virtual pool of experts, either co-located or dispersed within a global network
  • Instantly interact with experts face-to-face in any easy-to-use, virtualized manner designed for effective collaboration

Collaborate with external organizations

  • Easily share information, interact in real time and communicate across multiple channels
  • Work with external organizations to rapidly expand into new markets

Capture the value of Collaboration

Most of our Collaboration clients see return on investment in less than one year due to:

  • Reduced costs for communications services, travel and office facilities
  • Lower operating costs of consolidated communications infrastructure
  • Replacement of multiple legacy products with unified communications solutions
  • Better results by supporting individual productivity, workgroup collaboration and enterprise governance


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