In increasingly complex business environments – especially those involving multiple and/or remote sites and mobile users – managing communication and cooperative work efforts can be challenging. Communication bottlenecks cost time and money, while network issues can compromise quality of service. Travel also rings up significant expenses and employee stress.

Collaboration is the most effective way to address such concerns. Long View offers full collaboration solutions including unified communications, video conferencing, TelePresence and mobile integration.

Identify Crucial Issues

To ensure your IT environment will support a new unified communications solution, we work with you to assess your current environment and identify crucial issues. Then we propose a strategy that addresses your needs, considering factors such as network bandwidth and configuration as well as infrastructure and its performance levels. By accurately aligning the environment to the solution, we ensure resource optimization and the best possible quality of service for your business. For optimal performance, which can be compromised by unchecked high demand and cause poor user experience, we recommend a health check at 6 and 12 months after implementation.

Long View Collaboration Offerings
  • Email, instant messaging (secure), presence
  • Conferencing (multimedia, teleconferencing)
  • IP telephony/VoIP
  • Corporate social media
  • Call center
  • Unified communications
  • Video conferencing/TelePresence
  • Mobility integration
The Benefits of Long View’s Unified Communications
  • Give your business a boost
  • Enable mobile workers and BYOD
  • Locate and access remote experts
  • Collaborate with external organizations
  • Capture the value of collaborationDelve deeper into these benefits of Collaboration
Certifications & Awards
  • Cisco Gold Partner, Master Unified Communications and Master TelePresence
  • Cisco Customer Satisfaction Excellence Award (2006-2014)
  • Microsoft Gold Communications Competency
  • Microsoft: MSP, MSCE, MCDBA, MCP, MOUS, MCSA, MCDST and MCT certified personnel
  • Cisco: CCDA, CCDP, CCIE, CCNA, CCNP, CCSI, CCSP and CCVP certified personnel


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Empowerment + Engagement = Innovation In today’s competitive market, companies must find ways to innovate quicker than their competitors. When you get the right people together at the right moment, innovation can flourish!


Make face-to-face connections

With the right video conferencing solution

  • Cloud based
  • On-premise
  • Hybrid model

Based on your needs and infrastructure

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Why Partner with Long View?

  • Able to mobilize quickly for emergencies or rapid deployment
  • Project management support available for every engagement
  • A proven reputation for excellence in delivering complete technology solutions on a foundation of industry best practice
  • More than 750 consultants to help your organization realize its full business potential through collaboration
  • Certifications include Cisco Gold Partner, Cisco Master Unified Communications, Cisco Master TelePresence for Video Conferencing and Microsoft Gold Communications Competency
  • Recognized as the 2013 Cisco Professional Services Partner of the Year and the 2009 Microsoft Unified Communications Partner of the Year
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