OnDemand Storage (Cloud Storage)

OnDemand Storage (Cloud Storage)

Combining high performance with high capacity, Long View’s OnDemand Storage (Cloud Storage) takes care of storage concerns such as amount and type of disk, shelves, controllers, administration and SAN fabric – leaving you free to focus on business capacity, protocol and speed. This secure, multi-tenant infrastructure is the foundational platform for our IaaS, Cloud Storage, Cloud Backup and Cloud Business Continuity offerings. Unlike with other cloud storage providers, Long View allows you to subscribe to a combination of services or choose a single solution.

Secure Access

Access your OnDemand Storage (Cloud Storage) via a secured Internet connection such as IPSEC VPN or a private connection such as MPLS, Optical Ethernet or T1. Choose NFS, CIFS or iSCSI protocols to access your Cloud Storage.

Long View Cloud Services

OnDemand Messaging (Hosted Exchange)

Long View’s Microsoft OnDemand Messaging (Hosted Exchange) provides a dedicated Microsoft Exchange environment on shared cloud infrastructure while also allowing native AD integration. Our dedicated, enterprise-level Hosted Exchange provides a lower cost alternative to a traditional Exchange deployment but with more functionality than shared Exchange hosting offerings.

OnDemand Messaging (Hosted Exchange)

OnDemand Infrastructure (IaaS)

Allocate hardware as you need it – without the heavy capital expenses. Our scalable Infrastructure as a Service solutions let you adjust your server requirements as your business needs change. IaaS means flexibility and agility – all at a predictable monthly cost.

OnDemand Infrastructure (IaaS)

OnDemand Recovery (Cloud Disaster Recovery)

Make sure your business keeps running uninterrupted during a system failure. Don’t just hope to recover; guarantee it before you lose data. With Long View, “business as usual” is – well, business as usual.
OnDemand Recovery (Cloud Disaster Recovery)

OnDemand Backup (Cloud Backup & Recovery)

From enterprise-sized corporations to home-based businesses, all companies have information that needs to be stored and protected. From laptops, smartphones and tablets to servers, storage and applications, OnDemand Backup (Cloud Backup & Recovery) is there to protect your data.
OnDemand Backup (Cloud Backup & Recovery)

Store only what you need. And access it whenever you need it.

Total Storage Flexibility

  • Basic Disk (High Capacity): Ideal for large volume data requirements such as backup targets, temporary space and archive data
  • Advanced Disk (High Performance): Ideal for more transactional workloads that require higher read/write performance. For performance reasons, we recommend this only for customer systems already running in our OnDemand data center(s) or with low-latency connections to our data center(s)
  • Geographic Protection: OnDemand Storage (Cloud Storage) and/or Backup data can be replicated to another data center(s) for additional levels of protection to enable business continuity


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