OnDemand Backup (Cloud Backup & Recovery)

OnDemand Backup (Cloud Backup & Recovery)

Long View OnDemand Backup (Cloud Backup & Recovery) is a powerful, easy-to-use solution designed to protect your business. Protect your data with reliability…because you can’t back it up once it’s been lost.

A Modern, Fully Managed Offsite Solution

Our OnDemand Backup (Cloud Backup & Recovery) solutions are mature, scalable and fully managed. Our service is powered by a market-leading online backup solution that’s been in development for more than 20 years. The agentless architecture means deployment times and intrusiveness are greatly reduced while still providing support for many operating systems, databases and applications. In addition, we offer online backup service for mobile devices such as laptops, tablets and smartphones. You can subscribe to a combination of these services or choose a single solution.

A “next-generation” online data backup and recovery service, Long View OnDemand Backup (Cloud Backup & Recovery) replaces outdated technologies like tape and eliminates the need for equipment purchases and license fees.

Cloud Backup Services

Protect everything from laptops and smartphones, to remote offices, to entire data centers, with the flexibility of cloud.

Learn more about cloud backup

  • 2 main components of our solution
  • Why agentless technology is important
  • Data tiering strategies
  • Security features to protect your data
  • Protection of virtualized environments
  • Snapshot data protection features
  • Virtual disaster recovery

Protect your data with reliability… because you can’t back it up once it’s been lost.

Long View Cloud Services

OnDemand Messaging (Hosted Exchange)

Long View’s Microsoft OnDemand Messaging (Hosted Exchange) provides a dedicated Microsoft Exchange environment on shared cloud infrastructure while also allowing native AD integration. Our dedicated, enterprise-level Messaging (Hosted Exchange) provides a lower cost alternative to a traditional Exchange deployment but with more functionality than shared Exchange hosting offerings.

OnDemand Messaging (Hosted Exchange)

OnDemand Infrastructure (IaaS)

Allocate hardware as you need it – without the heavy capital expenses. Our scalable Infrastructure as a Service solutions let you adjust your server requirements as your business needs change. IaaS means flexibility and agility – all at a predictable monthly cost.

OnDemand Infrastructure (IaaS)

OnDemand Storage (Cloud Storage)

Use storage as you need it with no need to plan for future growth. Get high-capacity and high-speed storage on demand, with your choice of Object Storage, File Storage (NFS/CIFS) or Block Storage (iSCSI).
OnDemand Storage (Cloud Storage)

OnDemand Recovery (Cloud Disaster Recovery)

Make sure your business keeps running uninterrupted during a system failure. Don’t just hope to recover; guarantee it before you lose data. With Long View, “business as usual” is – well, business as usual.
OnDemand Recovery (Cloud Disaster Recovery)

A Superior Online Backup and Recovery Service

Long View is committed to delivering a superior online backup and recovery service. That’s why we offer some of the highest encryption and security level options in the industry. Our secure data vaults are housed in premier data center facilities that maintain 99.99% power and Internet bandwidth availability.

Stored safely offsite, your company’s data is easily retrievable in the event of a disaster.

The Business Value of a Comprehensive All-in-One Data Protection Solution for Your Organization

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What You Need to Know About Cloud Backup

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Pay Only for the Space You Use

Long View Online Cloud Backup is a simple, reliable way to protect your data. You determine the schedule, and the software automatically performs the backup. And with Long View’s online backup service, you pay only for the storage you use.

So…Why Cloud Backup?

Companies are seeing the value of the cloud and investing in cloud services more than ever.

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Conquering the Complexity of Recovering Data

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