Cloud Strategy

Cloud Strategy

Cloud technology is revolutionizing the way we do business, providing traditional IT technology with added flexibility, agility and efficiency while requiring a different management and delivery approach.

Long View’s team of cloud experts can, in many cases, set up new services in the cloud very quickly. If you require an overall cloud roadmap, our Cloud Advisory Services Engagement (CASE) provides a methodology to help you build a cloud strategy that meets your unique business requirements.

Insight, Agility, Scalability, Flexibility – Right Now!

A hybrid cloud is a cloud computing environment in which IT services in the traditional model are integrated with IT services provided by the cloud. The hybrid approach allows your business to take advantage of a cloud computing environment’s scalability, agility, flexibility and cost-effectiveness without compromising the security of sensitive data. As cloud builders, providers and aggregators, Long View offers complete, practical OnDemand Cloud solutions, leveraging both cloud computing and traditional IT technology to build the ideal cloud environment for your business.

Cloud Advisory Service Engagement (CASE)

Craig Cook, Long View’s Cloud director introduces CASE (Cloud Advisory Service Engagement) and it’s benefits which explores your IT needs and designs a road map.

Transitioning to Cloud

For customers who have existing servers and want to take to the cloud, Long View’s Solution Architects and Project Managers will help design a transition plan unique to each business. Key milestones:

  • Knowledge transfer: Document the “as is” state, record undocumented knowledge, supplement documentation as required and review third-party relationships
  • Preliminary service delivery process design and implementation: Develop the “as is” state to a level of operational readiness. Define and implement interface points. Model and simulate processes as required. Adopt and implement tool sets.
  • Measures and reporting development: Commencing with service level agreements, develop and implement role-based reporting and dashboards
  • Communicate and engage: Develop and execute an active communications plan that encompasses all stakeholders
  • Facilities management: Manage relocation, inventories and infrastructure
  • Compliance: Conduct a compliance assessment prior to operational readiness to ensure applicable regulatory requirements and policies are met

Dedicated team members perform these activities concurrently with assistance from additional resources where required.

The CASE for Long View’s Cloud Consulting Services

To identify the IT services right for your cloud, we use the Cloud Advisory Services Engagement (CASE):

Phase 1: Define the vision with the IT leadership

Phase 2: Gather and analyze the data

Phase 3: Build the business case

Phase 4: Create the roadmap and execution plan

Within the four phases of the CASE study, our team will provide:

  • Agentless discovery to produce an inventory of systems, applications and their dependencies
  • Customer workshop to define a service catalog outlining service hours and compliance requirements and create a strategy for the cloud architecture and design of the new environment
  • Business analysis of findings to produce recommendations
  • Financial questionnaire and interviews to determine baseline costs
  • Financial analysis of top recommendations to determine baseline TCO and ROI of cloud solutions
  • Presentation of findings and a written report

Building the CASE for Total Cloud Preparedness

The CASE study is a tool that provides your company with:

  • Inventory of cloud management services provided such as systems, applications and dependency mappings, processes and governance
  • Service catalog outlining service hours and requirements
  • Detailed criticality assessment to provide a risk matrix and review of current capabilities
  • Applicable security and compliance considerations when moving to the cloud
  • Recommendations for moving to the cloud including actions, providers, timing and risks
  • Recommended cloud solution (dedicated, private, hybrid, public)
  • Financial analysis of baseline and solution costs with TCO/ROI
  • Weighted criteria based on customer input, security/compliance requirements, industry research and maturity of offerings
  • Modular services that can be added by request

Long View Cloud Services

OnDemand Hosted Exchange

Long View’s Microsoft OnDemand Hosted Exchange provides a dedicated Microsoft Exchange environment on shared cloud infrastructure while also allowing native AD integration. Our dedicated, enterprise-level Hosted Exchange provides a lower cost alternative to a traditional Exchange deployment but with more functionality than shared Exchange hosting offerings.

OnDemand Hosted Exchange

OnDemand IaaS

Allocate hardware as you need it – without the heavy capital expenses. Our scalable Infrastructure as a Service solutions let you adjust your server requirements as your business needs change. IaaS means flexibility and agility – all at a predictable monthly cost.

OnDemand IaaS

OnDemand Cloud Storage

Use storage as you need it with no need to plan for future growth. Get high-capacity and high-speed storage on demand, with your choice of Object Storage, File Storage (NFS/CIFS) or Block Storage (iSCSI).
OnDemand Cloud Storage

OnDemand Cloud Disaster Recovery

Make sure your business keeps running uninterrupted during a system failure. Don’t just hope to recover; guarantee it before you lose data. With Long View, “business as usual” is – well, business as usual.
OnDemand Cloud Disaster Recovery

OnDemand Cloud Backup

From enterprise-sized corporations to home-based businesses, all companies have information that needs to be stored and protected. From laptops, smartphones and tablets to servers, storage and applications, OnDemand Cloud Backup is there to protect your data.
OnDemand Cloud Backup


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