Cloud 101

What exactly is cloud computing, and how can it benefit your organization? At Long View, we see cloud as more than a technology. We see it as a confluence of several IT components such as virtualization, data center and Internet reaching their maturity stage as together they lead your business into the future. With cloud computing, your IT services are delivered in a more reliable model that enables both efficiency and agility, giving you the competitive edge in the marketplace.

Numerous industry-leading companies are already realizing that cloud is significantly increasing business agility and responsiveness. And these companies are getting their products or services to market quicker.

The future of IT is in cloud technology. And Long View can help you get there.

Long View Cloud Services

OnDemand Hosted Exchange

Long View’s Microsoft OnDemand Hosted Exchange provides a dedicated Microsoft Exchange environment on shared cloud infrastructure while also allowing native AD integration. Our dedicated, enterprise-level Hosted Exchange provides a lower cost alternative to a traditional Exchange deployment but with more functionality than shared Exchange hosting offerings.

OnDemand Hosted Exchange

OnDemand IaaS

Allocate hardware as you need it – without the heavy capital expenses. Our scalable Infrastructure as a Service solutions let you adjust your server requirements as your business needs change. IaaS means flexibility and agility – all at a predictable monthly cost.

OnDemand IaaS

OnDemand Cloud Storage

Use storage as you need it with no need to plan for future growth. Get high-capacity and high-speed storage on demand, with your choice of Object Storage, File Storage (NFS/CIFS) or Block Storage (iSCSI).
OnDemand Cloud Storage

OnDemand Cloud Disaster Recovery

Make sure your business keeps running uninterrupted during a system failure. Don’t just hope to recover; guarantee it before you lose data. With Long View, “business as usual” is – well, business as usual.
OnDemand Cloud Disaster Recovery

OnDemand Cloud Backup

From enterprise-sized corporations to home-based businesses, all companies have information that needs to be stored and protected. From laptops, smartphones and tablets to servers, storage and applications, OnDemand Cloud Backup is there to protect your data.
OnDemand Cloud Backup

Cloud Questions

What’s the Difference Between a Public, Private, Hybrid and Multi-Tenant Cloud?
  • Public cloud is a cloud infrastructure used by multiple clients residing on the same virtual framework but securely isolated from one another.
  • Private cloud is a cloud infrastructure used by only one client or tenant.
  • Hybrid cloud combines cloud technology with traditional servers and applications. We believe this will become the most prevalent form of cloud computing in the business world. A hybrid environment can combine public and private clouds as well as leverage cloud services to ensure business continuity and disaster recovery.
  • Multi-tenant: a single instance of a cloud serves multiple clients. Each client is securely segregated, and tenants maybe able to customize some parts of the service.
What Are the Building Blocks of Cloud?
  • Datacenter: a special facility used for remote storage, processing and distribution of large amounts of data and for cooling and power of networked computer servers
  • Storage: SANS and lots of shelves of disk
  • Network: fast pipes and Internet connections
  • Virtualization: move from physical hardware to virtual computing
  • Software: key applications, messaging, applications
  • Orchestration layer: how you provision
What is Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)?

With IaaS, IT service providers lease equipment that supports operations (including storage, hardware, servers and networking components) to businesses in a cloud model. The service provider owns the equipment and is responsible for housing, running and maintaining it, and the client typically pays on a per-use basis.

What is Platform as a Service (PaaS)?

With PaaS, businesses rent hardware, operating systems, storage and network components on a service delivery model over the Internet. The customer rents virtualized servers and associated services to run existing applications and develop new ones. With PaaS, Long View provides everything up to and including the operating system (OS). From there, you choose the applications you need.

What is Software as a Service (SaaS)?

With SaaS, a vendor or service provider hosts applications and makes them available to customers over the Internet. Through SaaS, Long View clients run specific applications through the cloud, choosing only the applications they desire.

Does Long View Offer Canada-Only or USA-Only Cloud Solutions?

Yes. At Long View, we recognize some companies want their data to reside only in Canada or the US. We can meet these needs.

How is Long View Different From Other Cloud Providers?
  • Intimacy of service: Our technology consultants thoroughly research and understand the particular cloud requirements of your business
  • IT maturity: We’re very experienced in virtualization and storage – the key building blocks of cloud
  • Tailor-made solutions: We use a consultative and customized approach (rather than a commodity-based approach) so we can build your cloud to fit your unique requirements
  • A-to-Z guidance: Our solution architects assess your current IT assets and build a roadmap for optimizing cloud usage
  • Grade-A assistance: We have a world-class, experienced Managed Service Provider (MSP) model that operates cloud 24×7

How Can I Know for Sure if Cloud is Right for Our Organization?

Long View’s CASE study is a tool that provides your company with:

  • Inventory of cloud management services provided such as systems, applications and dependency mappings, processes and governance
  • Service catalog outlining service hours and requirements
  • Detailed criticality assessment to provide a risk matrix and review of current capabilities • Applicable security and compliance considerations when moving to the cloud
  • Recommendations for moving to the cloud including actions, providers, timing and risks
  • Recommended cloud solution (dedicated, private, hybrid, public) - financial analysis of baseline and solution costs with TCO/ROI - weighted criteria based on customer input, security/compliance requirements, industry research and maturity of offerings
  • Modular services that can be added by request


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