Cloud / Managed IT

Cloud / Managed IT

Across Long View’s technical stacks (for example virtualization, mobility and procurement) are our delivery methodologies: Cloud and Managed Services. As a full-service Hybrid IT provider, Long View can help you transform, design, implement, integrate and operate resources and services across all technical capabilities on customer-owned assets or resources that exist in the cloud. By enabling you to focus your valuable resources in areas that create differentiation, Long View’s integrated Managed Services and Cloud offerings will increase the agility and responsiveness of your business.

Long View Cloud Services

Long View’s Cloud offerings can dramatically reduce the costs of acquiring, implementing and managing hardware. We provide cloud computing resources as you need them, and you pay only for what you use. Total scalability means you can burst when required without tying up valuable resources when your capacity requirements are lower. Our integration consulting capability will maximize the value of your investment in cloud computing.

Long View Managed Services

Managed Services is Long View’s operational discipline. From out-tasking to outsourcing, Long View can operate any service on any device from anywhere. Through our 24×7 Shared Service Center including service desk, network operations and senior technical staff, you benefit from industry certified centralized services while our local presence principles add the level of personalization you deserve. The service is governed and audited annually for clients with PCI and SOC1 requirements. Our service can also offload the management of operational IT, freeing your IT team to focus on business value-adding projects. If it suits your business better, Long View can operate your IT in a full outsource model.

Managed Services

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