IT brings you technology.
Hybrid IT delivers you solutions.

Every solution requires a unique blend of elements.

Across the continent companies look to the technology sector for answers to their business problems. And just like no two companies are the same, neither are the solutions they require. We built Hybrid IT on this understanding. We’ve never hedged our bets on a single technology, platform or model of consumption. Instead, we’ve assembled experts that span the breadth of them. While many IT service providers have tried to capitalize on efficiencies by commoditizing their offering, we’ve resisted.

In our industry pre-packaged solutions are usually outdated before they hit the shelf. Providing the right solution requires agility and collaboration. It means you have to think on your feet each time. It means you have to get it right everyday instead of getting it right once.

Ultimately this means that businesses are getting more than they ask for, they’re getting the solution they need.


Because we buy, implement and maintain technologies
we understand the options, compatibility issues
and product lifecycles.

End User Experience

We support more than 140,000 desktop end users
and 1.4 million incidents annually with four
dedicated service desk centers.

End User Experience


As experts in Hybrid IT, we see opportunities
to combine applications with delivery scenarios
to increase productivity.

Cloud / Managed IT

Having our own cloud gives us an intimate
knowledge of the ins & outs of public/private/hybrid cloud
supported by managed services.

Cloud / Managed IT

Procurement / Licensing

Select the right technology, delivery and
licensing models while ensuring the appropriate
support agreements are in place.

Business Technology Management

The breadth of experience in technology
and architecture to help you securely implement
your IT projects on time and budget.

Business Technology Management

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Life’s too short to just have a job. You may not recognize the phrase “where as many great people as possible can have healthy lives and prosperous careers” — but it comes straight out of Long View’s mission statement, and that should tell you a little about what’s truly important to us.

Work with us in:

  • Infrastructure
  • End User Experience
  • Applications
  • Cloud / Managed IT
  • Procurement / Licensing
  • Compliance
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Support