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For many organizations, an important first step toward hybrid cloud is maximizing the efficiency of their own datacenters. The datacenter nirvana is having an “internal cloud” which uses the same principles as a public cloud by providing self-service, automation, metering to deliver agility and efficiency—while also maintaining control and compliance requirements.

With an internal cloud, your business will be able to more easily scale to other clouds in a truly hybrid model. There are two primary ways to move towards having your own internal cloud.

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Standardize and Automate

For a long time, datacenters have been highly customized environments, but to increase efficiency and reduce costs, organizations need to look for opportunities to maximize their existing investments by standardizing and automating throughout the datacenter including:

  • Virtualization: significantly improve infrastructure management, improve service levels and reduce costs through a highly virtualized datacenter environment.
  • Networking: investing in the right network improvements and upgrades delivers ROI in less than 12 months.
  • Storage: data is the most important asset of most organizations, don’t compromise your storage strategy and put your bottom line at risk.

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Invest in Converged Infrastructure

Clients looking to expand or refresh their infrastructure footprint to deliver additional capacity to the business may want to consider converged infrastructure (CI) which provides both technical and business efficiencies for workloads with requirements that need to remain on-premises for the highest levels of control and customization.

Of the portfolio of options available for on-premises infrastructure solutions, converged infrastructure (CI) can help your organization achieve the fastest time to value. These gains stem in part from:

  • Pre-integration: of technology components, the pooling of IT resources and the automation of IT processes.
  • Decreased complexity: through the use of pre-integrated hardware with virtualization and automation management tools.
  • Efficiency: the most efficient path to achieve the desired state on an internal cloud, which is critical when considering longer term hybrid cloud strategies.

Roadmap to the future of IT:
Hyper-converged Systems

Hyper-convergence brings together compute, storage, and networking components all into a single system, putting you on the fast track to performance.

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Long View’s CI Solution Portfolio
Offering End-to-End Support: Strategy, Procurement, Implementation and Management

Certified on all Tier 1 platforms, Long View has helped clients:

  • reduce costs by up to 80%
  • drop server expenditures and space requirements by 50% or more
  • reduce costs and increase hardware utilization efficiency by up to 80%

Find out more about any of our Converged Infrastructure solutions:

  • NetApp FlexPod
  • VCE VBlock
  • Simplivity
  • HP ConvergedSystem

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