Hybrid Cloud

“The market for cloud services is quickly shifting from isolated infrastructure-based solutions for developing applications and content delivery, to platforms that integrate onsite, public, and private infrastructure as a service (IaaS),” said Mark Schrutt, IDC Canada’s Research Vice President, Services and Enterprise applications.

Combine clouds. Make it yours.
Make it: ONE CLOUD.

Can your business respond quickly to today’s changing market conditions? If not, hybrid cloud solutions could be your answer. Through next-generation infrastructure, hybrid cloud solutions provide scale, agility and efficiency.

What is Hybrid Cloud?
Simply put, Hybrid Cloud is the combination of different cloud types across platforms. Just like individual cloud platforms allow you to manage pools of storage, networking and computing resources, a Hybrid Cloud allows you to use a single pane of glass to manage resources across on-premises, private cloud and public cloud platforms. Seamless management and orchestration of your hybrid cloud means you’ll securely manage your entire footprint, and you’ll do it with optimal availability and performance.

With hybrid cloud, you can blend various consumption models based on the needs of your organization, your line of business, your workload, or even diverse and distinct facets of a single application.

If you don’t have extensive integration between your on-premises, private cloud and public cloud services, then you’re probably adding needless complexity. In today’s corporate world, you need to be able to provision, deploy, monitor and manage your environment with a singular, co-ordinated, and integrated game plan.

Long View can give you the tools, the technology, and the strategy you need to manage all of your resources through that single pane of glass. For your business, that translates to:

  • Better utilization of assets
  • Infrastructure and application monitoring
  • The power to move workloads when business requirements change (and they will)

On-Premises Solutions

Maximizing your investments, mastering the ‘mission critical

For many organizations, an important first step toward hybrid cloud is maximizing the efficiency of their own datacenters.

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Private Cloud

Custom cloud, serious scalability

Long View’s hosted OnDemand private cloud platform, gives you the agility you need from cloud while also retaining the customization and control your most demanding workloads require.

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Public Cloud

Global scale, integrated services

Most organizations can reap serious benefits from global scale and commoditized cloud services, delivered through public cloud and hyper-provider cloud solutions, for less exacting workloads.

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End-to-End Cloud – We’ve Got You Covered

Cloud solutions are commonplace. But how do you evaluate, select and manage the right cloud—or clouds—for your particular business needs?

At Long View, we pride ourselves on our experience, our expertise, and our objectivity in selecting a customized set of solutions that’s right for you. We carefully consider existing investments, business strategy, integration, budget parameters, compliance, and numerous other factors. Our end-to-end cloud service offering includes the following steps:

  • Evaluating the business and technical requirements of your applications;
  • Reviewing and assessing a wide spectrum of options;
  • Finding your perfect cloud solution, and getting you migrated to the cloud;
  • Providing procurement and licensing support, where needed;
  • Helping move your workloads without interrupting business; and
  • Providing ongoing management and support, if required, across any or all of your resources.

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Long View Cloud Advisory Services helps you align your business and technical requirements, and offers the best options for achieving the outcome you want.
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