Why the Public Cloud
is Not Enough

Maximizing Your Cloud Investment
with a Hybrid Solution

Not all workloads work best in the public cloud. This eBook will introduce you to the variety of cloud solutions available today and provide guidance on how to evaluate which cloud is right for your specific and unique workloads and applications.

What’s in your cloud?

Here's What You'll Learn:

• The Cloud Defined – Your cloud options and important considerations.

• The Value of Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure.

• Security in the Cloud and How to Achieve Successful Integration.

• Disaster Recovery and Backup Best Practices.

• Why Your Business Needs to Become Hybrid-Enabled.

"The 1980s saw the personal computer revolution; the 1990s gave us the Internet; and the rise of mobile devices in the 2000s has changed the way we live our lives. The 2010s are ushering in cloud technology that - as with PCs, the Internet, and mobile - is changing our lives more quickly and profoundly than anyone could anticipate."

Michael Thomaschewski, CTO Hybrid Infrastructure, Long View Systems



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