Hosting and managing IT needs for a company dedicated to comfort and cleanliness


A multi-faceted Long View solution, involving hosted cloud, managed services and data migration, has allowed this Denver-based management company to focus on what it does best—provide compassionate in-home care and proficient janitorial services.


300+ users served across six U.S. states

70+ obsolete databases retired

24/7 support for field management staff

  • OnDemand Infrastructure (IaaS)
  • Managed IT Services
  • Service Desk
  • Office 365 Licensing

A need for nimble and responsive IT

Denver-based HB Management Group provides customized and compassionate in-home care to clients in 20 New Mexico counties through a subsidiary, Options Home Care. HB Management Group also offers commercial, government, military, airport, and university campus janitorial services—a total of 50 million square feet of property, across six U.S. states—through another subsidiary, Kleen-Tech Services Corporation.

Given its wide range of responsibilities, HB Management Group—which operates a 24/7 mission control center in Denver—needs to be nimble, responsive and agile, and needs its IT partner to demonstrate the same level of commitment.

HB Management Group’s most recent IT provider, however, had failed to deliver satisfactory issue response times and lacked change management structure—resulting in production hiccups and impacts to end-users in core services such as messaging, timekeeping, accounting, billing, and payroll.

A focus on support, performance and efficiency

Long View was chosen in February 2016 through an RFP process, and our team of IT professionals immediately got busy on HB Management Group’s behalf.

We performed an asset discovery and inventory, charted a migration path for HB Management Group’s server infrastructure, and established an overall plan for support, improved performance, and streamlining through efficiencies.

Long View’s multi-faceted solution for HB Management Group included:

The Long View team worked hard to ensure that the massive migration of HB Management Group’s data caused minimal disruption to the business—a stipulation from Rick LeForce, HB Management Group’s Chief Financial Officer.

“The Long View team is all knowledgeable, and what really impressed us about Long View was the amount of effort and time they invested in getting to know our business,” says LeForce.

Long View has also provided HB Management Group with cost savings—both in the near term, with OnDemand Infrastructure cloud efficiencies; and the long term, with a reduction in server infrastructure and predictable, ongoing Managed Services costs.

Hosted cloud: Anytime access, without maintenance hassles

With the vast majority of HB Management Group’s data already cloud-based, Long View’s OnDemand Infrastructure (IaaS) proved a perfect fit.

Long View’s IaaS, or “hosted cloud,” solution allows our customers to access their critical data from anywhere, at any time—offering direct control over infrastructure via a single point of administration, and the ability to scale (as with on-premises hardware and data center) without the hassles of maintenance, ongoing support or renewals.

With an updated platform and newer architecture, Long View’s IaaS solution has offered greater efficiency and quicker service to the 300-plus HB Management Group users who rely on IT for messaging, timekeeping, payroll, data entry and other applications.

Long View’s cloud-based solution for HB Management Group also includes aspects of backup redundancy and Microsoft Office 365 deployment, particularly in the areas of Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel.

Managed IT Services: Worry-free IT

HB Management Group is also enjoying the benefits of Long View’s Managed IT Services—which guarantees our customers flexible, reliable and scalable operational support now and into the future.

Oftentimes, companies don’t have the time or resources to effectively support their IT network infrastructure and lack the in-house tools to monitor network devices and proprietary technologies.

In this case, Long View’s Managed IT Services solution has taken a great weight off the shoulders of HB Management Group’s IT team—researching software updates; patching and monitoring servers; and evaluating, recommending and deploying technology upgrades to keep the business running smoothly and efficiently.

Rationalization, consolidation and migration

We conducted a meticulous discovery and inventory of HB Management Group’s assets, upgrading and streamlining outdated and unsupported applications, before migration to the new environment began.

The project team reviewed HB Management Group’s critical business activities and cadence and built a tailored migration plan that decoupled vital applications and services from falling into the same migration window to reduce risk and impacts to users in all levels of the organization. Application upgrades were separated from the migration weekend for that application, again to reduce risk and impact to users. Intensive effort around detailed execution and contingency planning led to near seamless transitions. Migrations occurred over a four-week period and included a holiday weekend.

By archiving and centralizing components of HB Management Group’s server architecture, we were able to retire more than 70 databases as a direct result of this process. Future consolidation is also planned, which will achieve further cost savings.

“I can’t say enough about your team. By far the easiest implementation we’ve had—and it’s all because of your folks.”

—Rick LeForce, Chief Financial Officer, HB Management Group

Considering your needs, delivering your solution

Providing the right solution requires agility, collaboration, experience and expertise. Long View’s Hybrid IT model is based on six pillars—Infrastructure, Application, Procurement/Licensing, Cloud/Managed IT, Business Technology Management, and End User Experience—that provide the technology foundation your company needs.
But don’t take our word for it.

We’re authorized by more than 200 of the most innovative and creative technology partners in the industry. And our partner certifications, awards and recognition speak for themselves. They include:

  • Cisco Gold Certified Partner (U.S. and Canada);
  • Microsoft Excellence in Operations Award (2015);
  • Cisco Gold Certification with Hybrid IT;
  • VMware Premier Solution Partner (Canada) and Enterprise Solution Partner (U.S.);
  • NetApp Canadian Partner of the Year (2014);
  • HP Enterprise Platinum Partner;
  • EMC Silver Solution Provider;
  • VCE Gold Partner (U.S. and Canada).

Interested in learning more?

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About this Customer

HB Management Group, Inc.. is an innovative company in Denver, Colorado with more than $40 million in annual sales under its management. Founded in 2003, the group has grown to include wholly-owned subsidiaries, Kleen-Tech Services Corporation and Options Home Care, and a joint venture with Tsay Construction & Services, Tsay-Tech Construction. We provide each company with an experienced management team, dedicated to improving performance and achieving EXCELLENCE and LEADERSHIP on a daily basis. In addition to supporting our companies, HB Management Group provides value-added support and management to promising operating businesses that have the potential for EXCELLENCE as well as significant community impact.


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