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Long View offers IT consulting, services and solutions that fit all of your company’s needs. We offer knowledgeable and flexible local support who are backed by a global community.

Welcome to Amsterdam – Long View’s 10th office worldwide.

Long View, one of North America’s most powerful providers of Hybrid IT solutions and services, made its first bold step into Europe by opening an office in Amsterdam.

With partners such as Cisco and Microsoft already operating regional headquarters in Holland’s largest city and a multitude of languages spoken in the cosmopolitan Dutch capital, Amsterdam offers Long View an ideal first entry point to provide European-based customer service to many of our clients which in Long View fashion, will be world class. Long View’s Amsterdam office marks the first stage of a larger ‘follow the sun’ support strategy focused on ensuring services are delivered effectively and consistently 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Beginning with Amsterdam, we’ll be aligning with our partner communities and using this global-focused strategy to continue to provide exceptional value and service to our customers with Long View employees across the globe.

It’s about following the sun. And ultimately, it’s about seizing opportunity.

Explore more Hybrid IT: Cloud, Managed Services, Applications, End User Experience, Infrastructure, Business Technology Management and Procurement/Licensing.


Orlyplein 10, Crystal Tower, 22nd Floor
1043 DP

Phone number: 403.515.6900
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Fax: 403.515.6919

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Life’s too short to just have a job. You may not recognize the phrase “where as many great people as possible can have healthy lives and prosperous careers” — but it comes straight out of Long View’s mission statement, and that should tell you a little about what’s truly important to us.

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