Long View Cares

Long View Offers What We Call a “Culture of Caring.”


At Long View, staff members view each other as family, and we offer our people support and compassion in dealing with problems at work or at home. We look after our people if they’re having difficulties, or require assistance of any kind. That social “safety net” has become a hallmark of our company.

Caring for Our People

We don’t just tell our staff how much we value them. We show it with an extensive benefits package, quarterly incentives, and annual retirement contributions.

We also have a wide array of employee recognition programs. Annual and five-year service awards, a Caught in the Act program.

The Long View Career Life Plan (CLP), meanwhile, is the centerpiece of our pledge to employee well-being. Our people meet annually with their leaders to assess life achievements, career goals, training, assignment preferences, and marketable skills, and also get together on a quarterly basis to chat about their progress.

Everyone needs to let their hair down once in a while, and Long View makes a point of filling its employees’ social calendars. We throw some of the best corporate events around — including holiday galas, weekly get together’s and round ups.

Long View - Third Year in Haiti

In 2015, members of Long View went on the third company supported trip to Haiti. Long View has always supported a culture of caring and supporting employees on trips to fight poverty is a natural extension of this culture.

Over the years, Long View employees have had the opportunity to build playgrounds, schools and support medical clinics. This is obviously a departure from the everyday life of an IT consultant but at the same time the values that we try to bring to our client sites are reflected when we do work in other parts of the world. Everyone who has worked on these trips, in any way, has come out of it with extremely positive things to say and most choose to stay involved in one way or another.

Travelling to Haiti is only one of the things that Long View does to help in the community but it’s another good example of how Long View follows its own pillars by providing employees the opportunity for a well-balanced career and life.

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