Canada's Best Managed Award 2015

March 31st was a significant day in the Best Managed Companies calendar – it’s the day we get together as a group, reflect, and celebrate the achievements of the past year. As a member of the Best Managed team, I am thrilled for all the companies that are involved this year. Long View being one of them.

As the country’s preeminent business recognition award, Canada’s Best Managed Companies program celebrates excellence in private company management; specifically, those key attributes which contribute to a company’s long term sustainability. These attributes include corporate strategy, core competencies, culture and financial performance. Management continually leverages these and other disciplines to ensure they remain aligned with their customers, staff and the communities they serve. During the program’s twenty three history, Deloitte and our program partners have found that even the best corporate strategy can’t guarantee success. Sustainable, profitable growth ultimately depends upon those who must execute the strategy, and management’s commitment to demonstrate the company’s core values. Management consultants often refer to this as synergy; I prefer to call it teamwork.

The past several months have been difficult – certainly unpredictable – for Alberta’s business community. Even those not directly vested in the province’s energy sector are impacted by the dramatic decline in energy prices. Companies such as Long View have witnessed turbulent times before, and have demonstrated their commitment to quality and innovation in uncertain times. Anticipating market trends as best they can, they continue to innovate while investing in both client relationships and staff. In this way, ‘Long View’ – like many other program members in Alberta – exemplifies the qualities of a ‘Best Managed’ Company. While no one can predict the future, companies based on a strong foundation, guided by principled leadership, are well equipped to navigate the sometimes challenging landscape.

Now in its sixth year in the program, Long View has achieved ‘Gold’ status, and remains a valued member in this internationally recognized business award. Best Managed recipients are an elite category in the Canadian private company marketplace. On behalf of our program partners, Deloitte is delighted by Long View’s continued membership in the program.