Our licensing experts work with you to customize a plan within the lifecycle of a service agreement that involves Software Assurance activations and management, effective renewals, and, most importantly, an agenda involving deployment of applicable technologies, thereby providing you the best value to these agreements. Based on the results of this analysis, and the differing needs of each client, Long View is able to propose a number of licensing program structures (i.e. roadmaps) designed to maximize existing software investments, reduce associated licensing costs, and ensure you are getting the most value from their agreements. Once a strategy has been developed, our consultants will negotiate with the software manufacturer to identify additional benefits and service opportunities. Long View’s Procurement team will then provide accurate pricing while Managed IT Services (MITS) handles data discovery for Software Asset Management.

The Long View Methodology:

Universal Methodology


Microsoft Gold

Save with Long View Licensing

Realize savings of 30 to 50% in upfront software costs. In addition, through various vendor support programs, you may have access to free training, technical support and upgrades released during the term of your agreement. Long-term cost reduction forecasts can be made after an initial licensing period.

Why Partner with Long View?

  • We have been selected as Microsoft LAR Partner of the Year for the last two years (2009, 2010) (insert hyperlink for press release). LAR status enables us to better assist our clients in effectively realizing the benefits of their Volume Licensing Agreements (VLAs), Enterprise Agreements (EAs), and Select Agreements (SAs).
  • We rely on a services-based licensing strategy, rather than a traditional, transactional approach.
  • Our ability to deliver complete technology solutions supported by technical and licensing specialists through every stage of the project lifecycle.
  • Acquisition and management of licensing agreements more effectively via customized plans within the lifecycle of a service agreement, providing the best possible value to our clients.
  • We were recognized for Operational Excellence at the 2010 Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference


  • Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP)
  • Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist

Long View Licensing – Maximize IT Investments

Long View provides licensing services that help you deal with issues surrounding the correct use, compliance, and management of software assets. Our Licensing team solves compliance issues around the legal use of software by providing clients with options on licensing acquisition and maintenance and provides guidance on how to structure your technical architecture for compliance while aligning with your unique business needs and avoiding hidden costs.

Benefits of Licensing

  • Introduce best practice in software use, procurement, deployment, and financial investment/cost of ownership to maximize productivity.
  • Make best use of your software assets by leveraging programs that result in significant cost savings on software and administration.
  • Maximize existing software investments and reduce the complexities of upgrading to new technologies.

Long View Licensing Offerings

  • Licensing Acquisition Strategy: We educate you about the best way to acquire the licenses you need. We evaluate the most cost-effective options by reviewing existing agreements and suggesting new ones in order to lower software ownership cost, while increasing the benefits associated with different programs.
  • Manufacturer Agreement Strategy: We evaluate active manufacturer agreements, identifying the best way to comprehensively cover your organization, including organizing volume licensing for mergers and acquisitions, branch expansion, or restructuring.
  • Manufacturer Agreement Management: We customize a licensing roadmap for all our clients. This roadmap ensures relevant agreement benefits are activated on time, that deployment or infrastructure optimization projects are discussed and due during the rational life of the agreement, and that cost projections beyond the expiration date are studied.

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